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Our Story

Inner City Boxing was opened in January 2000 by renowned boxing coach Bob Pegues. The gym was located inside of the Roll-A-Dome and the boxing club developed many high performance athletes. In the first 10 years of operation with well over 100 Provincial Champions and over 70 National medalists, including a dozen National Gold medals, the decision was made to close the gym as it was known and focus the gym's limited resources into taking its top guns into international competition. By 2011, 82% of the National boxing medals that came into BC were won by Inner City boxers and new challenges beckoned. At the time, two boxers were excelling, Jag Seehra and Kenny Lally. The first year after the change, Lally, Seehra and their coach Bob Pegues were all members of Canada's National Team. Lally National A Team, Seehra National B Team and Pegues as a National Team Coach. 

Fast forward 8 years after retiring post Rio Olympics, Lally and Seehra have come out of retirement to reopen Inner City Boxing to the youth and larger Prince George community. It's time to build more dreams and to build more champions in the ring and out! 

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Meet The Coaches 

Jag Seehra

Coach Jag Seehra is a highly accomplished boxer with an impressive resume of 137 fights. He has won numerous titles, including 4 national medals, 5 golden gloves championships, and 11 provincial championships. With his wealth of experience and expertise, Jag is a valuable asset to any aspiring boxer looking to improve their skills and achieve their goals.

In his spare time you'll find Jag playing basketball with friends and family and spending time with his adorable nephew Jax and dog Rio. 

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Kenny Lally 

Coach Kenny Lally boasts an impressive boxing record, having fought in 126 matches and won 7 Canadian national championships,  11 provincial championships and 6 golden gloves championships. He spent 10 years boxing with Team Canada and earned a bronze medal at the 2015 Pan American Games. With extensive experience and training under some of the world's top boxing training camps and facilities, Kenny brings a wealth of technical knowledge to Inner City Boxing PG. 

In his spare time you'll find Kenny jamming on his guitar and spending time with his wife, his two young children Roein and Theo, and their lovable dog Simba. 

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